Re-Blog: Backbends and Baby-Bumps by Dina Gougoustamos on EJ

My dearest friend in the whole wide world and fellow Ashtangi, Dina Gougoustamos, recently wrote an article on Elephant Journal about navigating her way through the practice during pregnancy.

There isn’t much information available about pregnancy and ashtanga, and what is available is very conflicting and confusing.

Backbends and Baby-Bumps. ~

Dina Gougoustamos

Pregnant 1

Navigating Ashtanga and Pregnancy.

Once you’re pregnant, your belly is the center of everyone’s attention, in and out of the Mysore room.

Most people not only have an opinion, but feel free to share it with you. Some of the biggest questions masquerading as suggestions you’ll face are, “When are you gonna stop practicing,” or “Are you going to stop laying on your belly,” or “Why are you still doing inversions?” And while well-intentioned, this will drive you mad, especially if your goal is like mine to practice until the day I give birth.

Click here to read Dina’s full article on Elephant Journal

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